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    • Analysing challenges facing smallholder farmers and conservation agriculture in South Africa : a system dynamics approach 

      Von Loeper, Wolfgang; Musango, Josephine; Brent, Alan; Drimie, Scott (AOSIS Publishing, 2016)
      Smallholder farmers in South Africa find it challenging to participate in the modern economy. Most of these farmers have limited access to credit and insurance, and to markets in which to sell their produce. This paper ...

    • Decoupling : natural resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth 

      Fischer-Kowalski, Marina; Swilling, Mark; Von Weizsacker, Ernst Ulrich; Ren, Yong; Moriguchi, Yuichi; Crane, Wendy; Krausmann, Fridolin Krausmann; Eisenmenger, Nina; Giljum, Stefan; Hennicke, Peter; Kemp, Rene; Romero Lankao, Paty; Siriban Manalang, Anna Bella; Sewerin, Sebastian (United Nations Environment Programme, 2011-05)
      By 2050, humanity could devour an estimated 140 billion tons of minerals, ores, fossil fuels and biomass per year – three times its current appetite – unless the economic growth rate is “decoupled” from the rate of natural ...