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    Accuracy and completeness of notification of tuberculosis in two high incident communities in Cape Town, South Africa [1]
    Achieving the millennium development goals in sub-Saharan Africa [1]
    African HIV/AIDS trials are more likely to report adequate allocation concealment and random generation than North American trials [1]
    The Cameroon Mobile Phone SMS (CAMPS) trial : a protocol for a randomized controlled trial of mobile phone text messaging versus usual care for improving adherence to highly active anti-retroviral therapy [1]
    Combined measles, rubella and mumps vaccine [1]
    Costs and process of in-patient tuberculosis management at a central academic hospital, Cape Town, South Africa [1]
    A cross-over study investigating specific aspects of neuropsychological performance in hyperbaric environments [1]
    A cross-sectional study of tuberculosis among workers in Tygerberg Academic Hospital, Western Cape province, South Africa [1]
    A description of patients with recurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis in a tuberculosis hospital, Ermelo [1]
    Does South Africa need a national clinical trials support unit? [1]
    Economic support to improve TB treatment outcomes in South Africa : a pragmatic cluster randomized controlled trial [1]
    Economic support to improve tuberculosis treatment outcomes in South Africa : a pragmatic cluster-randomized controlled trial [1]
    Educational factors that influence the urban-rural distribution of health professionals in South Africa : a case-control study [1]
    Epidemiological research methods. Part IV. Case-control studies [1]
    Epidemiological study of tuberculosis in Macassar Camp [1]
    First do no harm [1]
    The health and sanitation status of specific low-cost housing communities as contrasted with those occupying backyard dwellings in the city of Cape Town, South Africa [1]
    Health care of the elderly at Tygerberg Geriatric Clinic and Goodwood Aftercare Hospital [1]
    The health status of the elderly receiving an old age pension in urban communities in the City of Cape Town [1]
    HIV treatment as prevention : systematic comparison of mathematical models of the potential impact of antiretroviral therapy on HIV incidence in South Africa [1]