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    • An evaluation of commercial fluorescent bead-based luminex cytokine assays 

      Siawaya, Joel Fleury Djoba; Roberts, Teri; Babb, Chantal; Black, Gillian; Golakai, Hawa Jande; Stanley, Kim; Bapela, Nchinya Bennedict; Hoal, Eileen; Parida, Shreemanta; Van Helden, Paul; Walzl, Gerhard (Public Library of Science, 2008-07-02)
      The recent introduction of fluorescent bead-based technology, allowing the measurement of multiples analytes in a single 25-50 μl sample has revolutionized the study of cytokine responses. However, such multiplex approaches ...

    • A panel of ancestry informative markers for the complex five-way admixed South African Coloured population 

      Daya, Michelle; Van der Merwe, Lize; Ushma Galal; Möller, Marlo; Salie, Muneeb; Chimusa, Emile R.; Galanter, Joshua M.; Van Helden, Paul D.; Henn, Brenna M.; Gignoux, Chris R.; Hoal, Eileen (PLoS, 2013-12)
      Admixture is a well known confounder in genetic association studies. If genome-wide data is not available, as would be the case for candidate gene studies, ancestry informative markers (AIMs) are required in order to adjust ...