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    Tenuitvoerlegging van hofbevele teen die Staat [1]
    Tenure security in relation to farmland [1]
    Tenure security in urban rental housing [1]
    Tenure security under the Communal Property Associations Act 28 of 1996 : an analysis of establishment and management procedures with comparative reference to the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 [1]
    The difficulty of proving the essentials of acquisitive prescription : Minnaar v Rautenbach 1999 1 AII SA 571 (NC) [1]
    The trade, development and cooperation agreement between the Republic of South Africa and the European Union : an analysis with special regard to the negotiating process, the contents of the agreement, the applicability of WTO law and the Port and Sherry Agreement [1]
    The transfer of undertakings with specific reference to the transfer of insolvent undertakings - an evolution of the South African law [1]
    Transformative legal education [1]
    The transformative value of international criminal law [1]
    A uniform condominium statute for China based on a comparative study of the South African Sectional Titles Act and American Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act [1]
    Users' entitlements under the fair dealing exceptions to copyright [1]
    Voluntary informed consent and good clinical practice for clinical research in South Africa : ethical and legal perspectives [1]
    Water as a human right under international human rights law : implications for the privatisation of water services [1]
    Zur Frage, inwieweit der südafrikanische Sectional Titles Act aus der neu verabschiedeten WEG-Novelle in Deutschland Nutzen ziehen kann [1]