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    The quest for effective arbitration : new developments in South Africa and Germany [1]
    Een rechtsvergelijkende studie tussen het Nederlandse en Zuid-Afrikaanse ontslagrecht : met als deelonderwerp, retrenchment [1]
    Reconsidering historically based land claims [1]
    The regulation of in-flight films [1]
    The relevance of the South African sectional titles law in interpretation and application of the sectional titles legislation of Botswana : an analysis of provisions pertaining to establishment of schemes [1]
    Relocation of a specified servitude of right of way [1]
    Repealing the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act : a constitutional analysis [1]
    The right of way of necessity : a constitutional analysis [1]
    The right to a view : common law, legislation and the constitution [1]
    The right to adequate housing : making sense of eviction procedures in the context of rental housing after Ndlovu V Ngcobo [1]
    The right to have access to health care services for survivors of gender-based violence [1]
    The significance of postmodern theories of interpretation for contractual interpretation : a critical analysis [1]
    State cooperation within the context of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court : a critical reflection [1]
    Statutory formalities in South African law [1]
    Substantive equality, affirmative action and the alleviation of poverty in South Africa : a socio-legal inquiry [1]
    Substantive legitimate expectations in South African and European administrative law [1]
    Tenuitvoerlegging van hofbevele teen die Staat [1]
    Tenure security in relation to farmland [1]
    Tenure security in urban rental housing [1]
    Tenure security under the Communal Property Associations Act 28 of 1996 : an analysis of establishment and management procedures with comparative reference to the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 [1]