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    The judicial regulation of state commercial activity [1]
    The justification of expropriation for economic development [1]
    The justifications and limits of affirmative action : a jurisprudential and legal critique [1]
    Korporatiewe bestuur en die demografiese profiel van nie-uitvoerende maatskappydirekteure in Suid-Afrika [1]
    Lateral and subjacent support [1]
    The law relating to documentary credits from a South African perspective with special reference to the legal position of the issuing and confirming banks [1]
    Die leerstuk van die 'undisclosed principal' [1]
    A legal perspective on the power imbalances in the doctor-patient relationship [1]
    The legal regulation of construction procurement in South Africa [1]
    The legal regulation of corporate governance with reference to international trends [1]
    The legal regulation of the external company auditor in Post-Enron South Africa [1]
    The legal risks associated with trading in derivatives in a merchant bank [1]
    The lessor’s tacit hypothec : a constitutional analysis [1]
    The meaning of public purpose and public interest in Section 25 of the Constitution [1]
    Misrepresentation by non-disclosure in South African law [1]
    Mortgage foreclosure under the constitution : property, housing and the National Credit Act [1]
    A normative approach to state secession : in search of a legitimate right to secede [1]
    Open-source software and the rationale for copyright protection of computer programs [1]
    Perspectives on the best interests of the child : developments in the interpretation and application of the principle in the South African law relating to custody [1]
    Plea bargaining in South Africa and Germany [1]