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    Contract formation and the Internet : an analysis of contract formation in English, South African and German law with special regard to the Internet [1]
    Copyright : rebalancing the public and private interests in the areas of education and research [1]
    Courts, socio-economic rights and transformative politics [1]
    Criminal liability of Internet providers in Germany and other jurisdictions [1]
    A critical analysis of the financial and social obligations imposed on sectional owners in sectional title schemes, as well as their enforcement [1]
    A delicate balance : equality, non-discrimination and affirmative action in Namibian constitutional law, as compared to South African and U.S. constitutional law [1]
    Deprivation of trade marks through state interference in their usage [1]
    Distribution of financial resources and constitutional obligations in decentralised systems a comparison between Germany and South Africa [1]
    Eiendomsverlies deur verkrygende verjaring : onteiening sonder vergoeding - of nie [1]
    Einde van lewe besluite ten opsigte van defektiewe babas : 'n juridiese perspektief [1]
    Enforcement of procurement law from a South African perspective [1]
    Equality of arms and aspects of the right to a fair criminal trial in Botswana [1]
    Evaluation of the international law regarding humanitarian intervention in human rights abuses not breaching international peace and security [1]
    An evaluation of the transformation of public service delivery through the development of administrative justice in South Africa [1]
    The external relations of company groups in South African law : a critical comparative analysis [1]
    Faktore en beleidsoorwegings by die bepaling van 'n kontraksparty se regsplig teenoor 'n derde party : 'n kritiese bespreking van Viv's Tippers (Pty) Ltd v Pha Phama Staff Services (Pty) Ltd t/a Pha Phama Security 2010 4 SA 455 (HHA) [1]
    Die gelding van die volkereg in die Suid-Afrikaanse reg [1]
    Geslag en Regstellende Aksie in die Werkplek [1]
    Harmonising the Law of Sale in the Southern African Development Community (SADC): An Analysis of Selected Models [1]
    The history, development and future of public nuisance in light of the Constitution [1]