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    Ancillary methods to improve diagnostic accuracy of thyroid nodules on fine-needle aspiration cytology smears [1]
    The antidiabetic and antioxidant properties of Athrixia phylicoides aqueous extract : an in vitro and ex vivo assessment [1]
    Catecholamine release as mediator of intracellular enzyme activation in ischaemic perfused rat hearts [1]
    Cellular mechanisms involved in the recapitulation of endocrine development in the duct ligated pancreas [1]
    Efficiency of co-expression of transcription factors Pdx1, Ngn3, NeuroD and Pax6 with insulin : a statistical approach [1]
    Endovascular aortic aneurysm repair by a multidisciplinary team : lessons learned and six-year clinical update [1]
    EVAR : critical applied aortic morphology relevant to type-II endoleaks following device enhancement in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms [1]
    Gene expression profile versus morphological changes in PDL pancreas: A chronobiological study on the remodeling of Beta cells in the rats’ pancreas [1]
    A histological and morphometric assessment of endocrine and ductular proliferation in the adult rat pancreas using an occlusive pancreatic duct ligation model [1]
    Histomorphometric and radioimmunoassay studies of the rat endometrium following peanut oil treatment [1]
    Immunoelectron microscopic characterization of glial intermediate filaments in human gliomas [1]
    Morphogenetic and clinical perspectives on the neogenesis of pancreatic duct ligation-induced islet cells : a review [1]
    A morphological study of the dermal fibroblast [1]
    Morphology and mucin histochemistry of the gastrointestinal tracts of three insectivorous mammals : Acomys spinosissimus, Crocidura cyanea and Amblysomus hottentotus [1]
    Shoulder surgeon and autologous cellular regeneration - from bench to bed: part one - the link between die human fibroblast, connective tissue disorder and shoulder. [1]
    Sperm structure and motility in the eusocial naked mole-rat, Heterocephalus glaber : a case of degenerative orthogenesis in the absence of sperm competition? [1]
    β-cell response to high fat diet induced metabolic demands in the obese Wistar rat [1]