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    • Exome capture from saliva produces high quality genomic and metagenomic data 

      Kidd, Jeffrey M.; Sharpton, Thomas J.; Bobo, Dean; Norman, Paul J.; Martin, Alicia R.; Carpenter, Meredith L.; Sikora, Martin; Gignoux, Christopher R.; Nemat-Gorgani, Neda; Adams, Alexandra; Guadalupe, Moraima; Guo, Xiaosen; Feng, Qiang; Li, Yingrui; Liu, Xiao; Parham, Peter; Hoal, Eileen G.; Feldman, Marcus W.; Pollard, Katherine S.; Wall, Jeffrey D.; Bustamante, Carlos D.; Henn, Brenna M. (BioMed Central, 2014-04)
      Background Targeted capture of genomic regions reduces sequencing cost while generating higher coverage by allowing biomedical researchers to focus on specific loci of interest, such as exons. Targeted capture also ...