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    A 3-year cytogenetic survey of 9661 patients in South Africa [1]
    Abnormalities of bone and mineral metabolism in patients with eating disorders [1]
    Accessory gene components for an HIV-1 subtype C vaccine : functional analysis of mutated Tat, Rev and Nef antigens [1]
    Acrosome size and kinematics of human spermatozoa [1]
    Alternative insulin mitogenic signaling pathways in immature osteoblast cell lines [1]
    Aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss : South Africans at risk [1]
    Analysis and application of evolutionary markers in the epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1]
    Analysis of host determining factors in susceptibility to tuberculosis in the South African coloured population [1]
    Ancillary methods to improve diagnostic accuracy of thyroid nodules on fine-needle aspiration cytology smears [1]
    The antidiabetic and antioxidant properties of Athrixia phylicoides aqueous extract : an in vitro and ex vivo assessment [1]
    Application of spoligotyping in the understanding of the dynamics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains in high incidence communities [1]
    Baseline predictors of sputum culture conversion in pulmonary tuberculosis: Importance of cavities, smoking, time to detection and W-Beijing genotype [1]
    Bioinformatics-based strategies to identify PFHBII-causing and HCM main locus and/or HCM modifying mutations [1]
    Body composition in women with HIV/AIDS : the relevance of exercise [1]
    Bovine tuberculosis in African buffaloes : observations regarding Mycobacterium bovis shedding into water and exposure to environmental mycobacteria [1]
    A candidate and novel gene search to identify the PFHBII-causative gene [2]
    Catecholamine release as mediator of intracellular enzyme activation in ischaemic perfused rat hearts [1]
    Cellular mechanisms involved in the recapitulation of endocrine development in the duct ligated pancreas [1]
    The characterisation of N-Acetyltransferase (NAT) in Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1]
    Characterization of a sonified peak flow monitor [1]