Prognostic value of the strict criteria: An Argentinian experience

Hernandez M. ; Molina R. ; Olmedo J. ; Brugo Olmedo S. ; Coetzee K. ; Estofan D. (1996)


The prognostic value of normal sperm morphology, evaluated according to the strict criteria, was prospectively assessed. The study included 112 IVF cycles. The percentage normal sperm morphology of the semen samples used in each cycle was determined and assigned to one of three prognostic groups; P-pattern (< 4% normal forms), G-pattern (5-8% normal forms), and N-pattern (> 8% normal forms). The fertilization, grade 4 embryo attainment, and pregnancy rates were compared between the three groups. The fertilization rate of the N-pattern group (83.7%) was significantly higher than that of the G-pattern (59.65%) and the P-pattern (22.58%) groups. The grade 4 embryo attainment rate was only significantly different between the N-pattern (23.38%) and the P-pattern (4.76%) groups. No pregnancy was obtained in the P-pattern group compared to a pregnancy rate per transfer of 23.08% in the N-pattern group. This study reaffirms the interlaboratory reproducibility and the prognostic value of normal sperm morphology.

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