The S1, S2 and SGA1 ancestral genes for the STA glucoamylase genes all map to chromosome IX in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lambrechts M.G. ; Pretorius I.S. ; Marmur J. ; Sollitti P. (1995)


The polymorphic extracellular glucoamylase-encoding genes STA1 (chr. IV), STA2 (chr. II) and STA3 (chr. XIV), from Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus probably evolved by genomic rearrangement of DNA regions (S1, S2 and SGA1) present in S. cerevisiae, and subsequent translocation to unlinked regions of chromosomal regions. S1, encoding a homologue to the threonine/serine-rich domain of STA glucoamylases (GAI-III), mapped to the right arm of chromosome IX. S2, encoding the hydrophobic leader peptide of GAI-III, was also mapped on the right arm of chromosome IX, next to S1, close to DAL81. The SGA1 sporulation-specific, intracellular glucoamylase-encoding gene is located on the left arm of chromosome IX, 32 kb proximal of HIS5.

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