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  • Public procurement and corruption : the South African response 

    Williams, Sope; Quinot, Geo (JUTA Law, 2007)
    The purpose of this article is to examine corruption within public procurement and the measures that may be used to address it, in particular, the South African response to procurement corruption in the Prevention ...
  • The regulation of in-flight films 

    Quinot, Geo (JUTA Law, 2005)
    In South Africa, as in many other jurisdictions, the showing of films in public is legally regulated through a system of classification. This system entails that a film must first be classified by the Film and Publication ...
  • Substantive legitimate expectations in South African and European administrative law 

    Quinot, Geo (German law journal, 2004-01)
    The doctrine of substantive legitimate expectation is only starting to find its way into South African law at present. The courts have suggested that a careful analysis of the development of the doctrine in English law is ...