A novel Candida glycerinogenes mutant with high glycerol productivity in high phosphate concentration medium

Zhuge B. ; Guo X.-N. ; Mawadza C. ; Fang H.-Y. ; Tang X.-M. ; Zhang X.-H. ; Zhuge J. (2005)


A novel Candida glycerinogenes mutant, which possesses high glycerol productivity in a high phosphate concentration medium, was obtained by mutagenesis of an industrial glycerol producer. The mutant accumulated a total biomass of 11.5 g l-1, which is less than the 15 g l-1of the wild-type strain, but it consumed glucose faster than the wild-type strain did. The mutant reached its maximal glycerol concentration of 129 g l -1 in 84 h compared to 96 h for the wild-type strain. High cytoplasmic glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activity of the mutant in the early glycerol formation phase, leading to a rapid glycerol synthesis and accumulation, may be the main reason for the short fermentation process. © Springer 2005.

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