Reassessment of the anamorph genera Botryodiplodia, Dothiorella and Fusicoccum

Crous P.W. ; Palm M.E. (1999)


The generic concepts of Botryodiplodia, Dothiorella and Fusicoccum have been unclear. The nomenclatural history of these genera is presented as well as a description of their types. The type species of Botryodiplodia is a valsoid fungus and the type of Dothiorella has conidiomata varying from pycnidial to multilocular, eustromatic, and hyaline, branched conidiophores, that produce brown, ellipsoidal, 1-euseptate conidia. Dothiorella is considered a synonym of the earlier described genus Diplodia. Fusicoccum is characterised by pycnidial to multilocular, eustromatic conidiomata, hyaline, aseptate, fusiform conidia that are produced enteroblastically on branched conidiophores with cylindrical conidiogenous cells that proliferate at the same level, resulting in periclinal thickening, or percurrently, resulting in annellations.

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