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    The abuse of the trust (or: "Going behind the trust form") : The South African experience with some comparative perspectives [1]
    The application of the Copyright Act, 1978, to works made prior to 1979 [1]
    Die betekenis van 'n ontneming weens 'n rasdiskriminerende wet of praktyk vir doeleindes van die Wet op Herstel van Grondregte 22 van 1994 - 'n oorsig van ontwikkelings in regspraak [1]
    Building encroachments and compulsory transfer of ownership [1]
    Communal land and tenure security: analysis of the South African Communal Land Rights Act 11 of 2004 [1]
    A comparative study of black rural women's tenure security in South Africa and Namibia [1]
    The condictio quasi indebiti [1]
    The consequences of contracts concluded by unassisted minors : a comparative evaluation [1]
    A critical analysis of the financial and social obligations imposed on sectional owners in sectional title schemes, as well as their enforcement [1]
    Deprivation of trade marks through state interference in their usage [1]
    Einde van lewe besluite ten opsigte van defektiewe babas : 'n juridiese perspektief [1]
    Faktore en beleidsoorwegings by die bepaling van 'n kontraksparty se regsplig teenoor 'n derde party : 'n kritiese bespreking van Viv's Tippers (Pty) Ltd v Pha Phama Staff Services (Pty) Ltd t/a Pha Phama Security 2010 4 SA 455 (HHA) [1]
    Invloed van die begrip kinderregte op die privaatregtelike ouer-kind verhouding in die Suid-Afrikaanse reg [1]
    The judicial regulation of state commercial activity [1]
    The law relating to documentary credits from a South African perspective with special reference to the legal position of the issuing and confirming banks [1]
    Misrepresentation by non-disclosure in South African law [1]
    Perspectives on the best interests of the child : developments in the interpretation and application of the principle in the South African law relating to custody [1]
    Statutory formalities in South African law [1]
    Tenure security under the Communal Property Associations Act 28 of 1996 : an analysis of establishment and management procedures with comparative reference to the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 [1]
    The difficulty of proving the essentials of acquisitive prescription : Minnaar v Rautenbach 1999 1 AII SA 571 (NC) [1]