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    • Minimization of childhood maltreatment is common and consequential : results from a large, multinational sample using the childhood trauma questionnaire 

      MacDonald, Kai; Thomas, Michael L.; Sciolla, Andres F.; Schneider, Beacher; Pappas, Katherine; Bleijenberg, Gijs; Bohus, Martin; Bekh, Bradley; Carpenter, Linda; Carr, Alan; Dannlowski, Udo; Dorahy, Martin; Fahlke, Claudia; Finzi-Dottan, Ricky; Karu, Tobi; Gerdner, Arne; Glaesmer, Heide; Grabe, Hans Jorgen; Heins, Marianne; Kenny, Dianna T.; Kim, Daeho; Knoop, Hans; Lobbestael, Jill; Lochner, Christine; Lauritzen, Grethe; Ravndal, Edle; Riggs, Shelley; Sar, Vedat; Schafer, Ingo; Schlosser, Nicole; Schwandt, Melanie L.; Stein, Murray B.; Subic-Wrana, Claudia; Vogel, Mark; Wingenfeld, Katja (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      ENGLISH SUMMARY : Childhood maltreatment has diverse, lifelong impact on morbidity and mortality. The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) is one of the most commonly used scales to assess and quantify these experiences ...