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    • Medical aid at the roadside 

      Mac Mahon, A. G. (HMPG, 1976-11)
      Aid given to patients at the roadside may be divided into three categories, namely first aid, ambulance aid and medical aid. The type of assistance actually rendered by the doctor will depend on how well he is equipped. ...

    • Job satisfaction of a selected group of hospital dietitians 

      Van Heernden, Leonie (AOSIS OpenJournals, 1976-11)
      Research on the job satisfaction of a selected group of hospital dietitians is reported in an attempt to explain the interrelationship of various aspects contributing to such satisfaction. General job satisfaction, ...

    • Free flap transfer with microvascular anastomosis 

      Visse, J. H.; Adendorff, D. J.; Malherbe, W. D. F. (HMPG, 1976-11)
      The development of the flap transfer technique in plastic and reconstructive surgery has evolved to the stage where free transplantation of a full thickness skin flap, by means of microvascular anastomosis, has become ...

    • Abrupt fall in the fetal heart rate during labour 

      Odendaal, H. J.; Van der Merwe, J. V. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 1976-11)
      Cardiotocograms of 6044 patients in labour were examined for evidence of an abrupt fall in the fetal heart rate. The latter was defined as a deceleration of at least 50 beats within 3 minutes, without a demonstration of ...