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    Validation of a rating scale for bedside cognitive assessment [1]
    Validation of brief screening tools for depressive and alcohol use disorders among TB and HIV patients in primary care in Zambia [1]
    Validation of the Arabic version of the Oswestry Disability Index developed in Tunisia for low back pain patients in the UAE [1]
    The validation of the Canadian norms for the Alberta Infant Motor Scale within the Cape Metropolitan [1]
    The value of collaboration in an integrated community development programme as experienced by stakeholders [1]
    The value of cytological examination of the urine in the staging of invasive carcinoma of the cervix : a prospective study [1]
    The value of intervening for intimate partner violence in South African primary care : project evaluation [1]
    Variable decelerations of the fetal heart rate during antenatal monitoring [1]
    Variation in radiosensitivities of different individuals to high energy neutrons and 60Cobalt γ-rays [1]
    Varicella zoster virus infrection causing urinary retentin in a child with HIV infection [1]
    The vascular anatomy of the forehead related to forehead flaps and its application in plastic and reconstructive surgery [1]
    Vasectomy under local anaesthesia performed free of charge as a family planning service : complications and results [1]
    Ventilasiestudies van die long met kripton-81m [1]
    Ventrikulere aneurismektomie en infarktektomie [1]
    'n Vergelykende ondersoek tussen twee kapasitorontlandings-x-straaleenhede [1]
    'n Vergelykende studie tussen tweeselembrio's van CBA- en F1-muise in 'n menslike in vitro bevrugtingsprogram [1]
    'n Vergelykende studie van die witselpipet- en Makler-telkamermetodes vir die tel van spermatosoa [1]
    'n Vergelyking tussen lisosomale ensiemaktiwiteite in normale ektoservikale plaveiselepiteel en plaveiselkarsinoom van die ektoserviks [1]
    Views of patients on a group diabetic education programme using motivational interviewing in underserved communities in South Africa : qualitative study [1]
    Violence against women : impact on reproductive health and pregnancy outcome [1]