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    Mainstreaming disability into the poverty reduction processes in Uganda : the role of the human rights - based approach to the National Development Plan [1]
    Malacoplakia of the vagina: first case report [1]
    Malnutrition in paediatric oncology patients [1]
    Management of anterior vaginal prolapse in South Africa : national survey [1]
    The management of blood and body fluids in a Kenyan university hospital : a nursing perspective [1]
    Management of chemical ocular injuries – what every GP should know [1]
    Management of food allergies in children in South Africa : determining aspects of the knowledge and practices of dietitians and medical doctors [1]
    Management of radiation cystitis [1]
    The management of tuberculous pericardial effusion : experience in 233 consecutive patients [1]
    Management of uncomplicated malaria [1]
    Mapping right ventricular myocardial mechanics using 3D cine DENSE cardiovascular magnetic resonance [1]
    A massive outbreak of food poisoning : a reminder of the importance of proper toxic waste control [1]
    Maternal position during caesarean section for preventing maternal and neonatal complications : a cochrane review [1]
    Maternal post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and alcohol dependence and child behaviour outcomes in mother–child dyads infected with HIV : a longitudinal study [1]
    Measles vaccination coverage in high-incidence areas of the Western Cape, following the mass vaccination campaign [1]
    The measurement of apoptosis in HIV-1 infection [1]
    Measurement of free radicals and their effects on human spermatozoa [1]
    Measuring the sitting posture of high school learners, a reliability and validity study [1]
    Mechanical bowel preparation in gynaecological surgery - are we doing more harm than good? [1]
    The mechanism of pharmacological preconditioning of rat myocardium with beta-adrenergic agonists [1]