• C Louis Leipoldt and his sexual orientation 

      Kannemeyer, J. C. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2005)
      [No abstract available]
    • C-reactive protein levels in ectopic pregnancy, pelvic infection and carcinoma of the cervix 

      Theron, G. B.; Shepherd, E. G. S.; Strachan, A. F. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1986-05)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The value of C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in the differential diagnosis of pelvic infection and ectopic pregnancy, in the staging of carcinoma of the cervix, and after necrotizing irradiation for tumour ...
    • C-reactive protein. Properties and biological action with particular reference to systemic lupus erythematosus 

      Macfarlane C. M. (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 1985)
      A dramatic increase in serum C-reactive protein levels occurs in response to specific bacterial infection or tissue damage. This protein forms part of the acute-phase response, and it appears to function as an independent ...
    • C-Tb skin test to diagnose Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in children and HIV infected adults : a phase 3 trial 

      Aggerbeck, Henrik; Ruhwald, Morten; Hoff, Soren T.; Borregaard, Bettine; Hellstrom, Elizabeth; Malahleha, Mookho; Siebert, Mirna; Gani, Mashra; Seopela, Vincent; Diacon, Andreas; Lourens, Madeleine; Andersen, Peter; Dheda, Keertan (Public Library of Science, 2018)
      Background C-Tb, an ESAT-6/CFP-10-based skin test, has similar sensitivity for active TB compared to tuberculin skin test (TST) and QuantiFERON-TB-Gold-In-Tube (QFT). However, data are limited in children and HIV-infected ...
    • Caesarean section - etymology and early history 

      Van Dongen, Pieter Willem J. (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2009-09)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The expression caesarean section (CS) is most probably creative etymology and not derived from the CS allegedly performed on the mother of Julius Caesar. Mythology and legends emphasise the importance of ...
    • Calcific myonecrosis following snakebite 

      Ferreira, N.; Marais, L. C. (South African Orthopaedic Association, 2017)
      Calcific myonecrosis is a rare condition and is believed to be a late sequela of untreated compartment syndrome. Patients usually present with a progressively enlarging mass, years after the initial injury, that can be ...
    • Calcific uraemic arteriolopathy (calciphylaxis) in patients on renal replacement therapy 

      Sebastian, S.; Jordaan, H. F.; Schneider, J. W.; Moosa, M. R.; Davids, M. R. (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2017)
      Background. Calcific uraemic arteriolopathy (calciphylaxis) is an unusual and potentially fatal condition characterised by small-vessel calcification and ischaemic skin necrosis. It mainly affects patients with end-stage ...
    • Calcium channel blockers for people with chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis 

      Esterhuizen, T. M.; Mugendi, G. A.; Strippoli, G. F. M.; Mutua, F. M. (Cochrane, 2014)
      This is the protocol for a review and there is no abstract. The objectives are as follows: This review aims to look at the benefits and harms of CCB for people with CKD requiring dialysis.
    • The Cameroon Mobile Phone SMS (CAMPS) trial : a protocol for a randomized controlled trial of mobile phone text messaging versus usual care for improving adherence to highly active anti-retroviral therapy 

      Mbuagbaw, Lawrence; Thabane, Lahana; Ongolo-Zogo, Pierre; Lester, Richard T.; Mills, Edward; Volmink, Jimmy; Yondo, David; Essi, Marie Jose; Bonono-Momnougui, Renee-Cecile; Mba, Robert; Ndongo, Jean Serge; Nkoa, Francois C.; Ondoa, Henri Atangana (BioMed Central, 2011-01)
      Background: This trial aims at testing the efficacy of weekly reminder and motivational text messages, compared to usual care in improving adherence to Highly Active Antiretroviral Treatment in patients attending a clinic ...
    • Can we predict and/or prevent type I diabetes? 

      Sandler, Malcolm (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1990)
      The highest risk for the development of type I diabetes resides with first-degree relatives of the diabetic proband, this risk being in the order of 2.9%, 6.6% and 4.9% for parents, siblings and children of the proband, ...
    • Cancer : approaching a universal molecular mechanism? 

      Ricketts, M. H. (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 1990)
      Accumulating evidence strongly suggests that cancer is a genetic disease, arising from mutations in DNA. These mutations alter the function or synthesis of two groups of proteins, which are the products of either proto-oncogenes ...
    • Cancer in children -- Diagnosis -- South Africa 

      Kruger, Mariana (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2010-07)
      Childhood cancer is rare and comprises only 1% of all cancers. It usually develops from non-ectodermal embryonal tissue. Major improvement in cancer treatment and supportive care in the last 50 years has changed a fatal ...
    • Candida species : species distribution and antifungal susceptibility patterns 

      Arendse, Tracy; Orth, Heidi (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2008)
      [No abstract available]
    • A candidate and novel gene search to identify the PFHBII-causative gene 

      Fernandez, Pedro (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2004-12)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Heart failure due to cardiomyopathy or cardiac conduction disease is a major cause of mortality and morbidity in both developed and developing countries. Although defined as separate clinical entities, ...
    • A candidate and novel gene search to identify the PFHBII-causative gene 

      Fernandez, Pedro (Pedro Wallace) (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2004-12)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Heart failure due to cardiomyopathy or cardiac conduction disease is a major cause of mortality and morbidity in both developed and developing countries. Although defined as separate clinical entities, ...
    • The candidate TB vaccine, MVA85A, induces highly durable Th1 responses 

      Tameris, Michele; Geldenhuys, Hennie; Luabeya, Angelique KanyKany; Smit, Erica; Hughes, Jane E.; Vermaak, Samantha; Hanekom, Willem A.; Hatherill, Mark; Mahomed, Hassan; McShane, Helen; Scriba, Thomas J. (PLoS, 2014-02)
      Background: Vaccination against tuberculosis (TB) should provide long-term protective immunity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb). The current TB vaccine, Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG), protects against disseminated ...
    • Cannabis use and abuse correlates in a homogeneous South African schizophrenia population 

      Koen, L.; Jonathan, R.; Niehaus, D. J. H. (AOSIS Publishing, 2009-03-01)
      Objective. Worldwide, cannabis is the most widely used illicit substance, and it has been identified as a correlate in schizophrenia samples for poorer symptomatic and functional outcomes in many international studies. The ...
    • Capacity-building for a strong public health nutrition workforce in low-resource countries 

      Delisle, Helene; Shrimpton, Roger; Blaney, Sonia; Du Plessis, Lisanne; Atwood, Stephen; Sanders, David; Margetts, Barrie (World Health Organization -- WHO, 2017-4)
      INTRODUCTION: Neglected for several decades, nutrition is now firmly on the development agenda. Important landmarks are the initiation of the Scaling Up Nutrition movement in 2010; the adoption by the World Health ...
    • Capacity-building needs assessment of rural health managers : the what and the how ... 

      Goliath, C.; Mukinda, Fidele K.; Dudley, Lilian (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2015-07)
      ENGLISH SUMMARY : Background: There has been a renewed focus on leadership and governance within the South African health workforce as a key to strengthening the health system. Several studies have highlighted that managers ...
    • The Cape Triage Score : a triage system for South Africa 

      Wallis, L. A.; Gottschalk, S. B.; Wood, D.; Bruijns, S.; De Vries, S.; Balfour, C.; Cape Triage Group (Health and Medical Publishing Group (HMPG), 2006-01)
      The Cape Triage Score (CTS) has been derived by the Cape Triage Group (CTG) for use in emergency units throughout South Africa. It can also be used in the pre-hospital setting, although it is not designed for mass casualty ...