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    An exploration of a personal-professional developmental programme for pre-registration nurses from a multicultural setting [1]
    An exploration of burn survivors' experiences of pressure garment therapy at Tygerberg Academic Hospital [1]
    An exploration of factors and phenomena influencing parent and/or caregiver compliance with the immunisation schedule in the Witzenberg sub-district of the Western Cape [1]
    An exploration of the experiences and perceptions of health and allied health care students regarding interprofessional collaboration and education in a rural clinical setting in South Africa [1]
    An exploration of the involvement of people with disabilities in poverty-reduction strategies in Malawi [1]
    Exploration of the knowledge about and attitude towards tuberculosis among non-TB infected attendees at a Cape Town community clinic [1]
    An exploration of the need among nurses from diverse cultures for a teaching program on cultural sensitivity [1]
    An exploration of the occupational-life-trajectories of five young men in the Heideveld community [1]
    Exploring programme design, evaluation of programme performance and describing the clinical outcomes of a public sector based ARV treatment programme in a semi-rural area in the Western Cape over the past 6 years. (2004-2010) [1]
    Exploring the experiences of mothers on their daily occupations while having a child on the spectrum of autism [1]
    Exploring the health knowledge carried by older Xhosa women in their home situation, with special focus on indigenous knowledge [1]
    Exploring work-related spinal cord injuries in Gauteng Province, South Africa [1]
    Exposure of cardiac microvascular endothelial cells to harmful stimuli : a study of the cellular responses and mechanisms [1]
    Expression of HCM causing mutations: Lessons learnt from genotype-phenotype studies of the South African founder MYH7 A797T mutation [1]
    Extended Cr-51 RBC combined with Tc-99m RBC for the detection and localisation of occult GIT bleeding [1]
    Factors affecting quality of care in a midwifery practice [1]
    Factors associated with attrition in the undergraduate diploma nursing programme [1]
    Factors contributing to absenteeism of nurses in primary care centres in the Ethekwini Municipal District of Kwazulu-Natal [1]
    Factors contributing to the adequate vitamin A status and poor anthropometric status of 24-59-month-old children from an impoverished Northern Cape community [1]
    Factors influencing change management in a selected hospital in Saudi Arabia [1]