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    An evaluation of a selected component of a primary health care service : a nursing perspective [1]
    Evaluation of anti-tuberculosis responses in humans using different complementary immunological techniques [1]
    An evaluation of clinical facilitation in the Nursing College of the Eastern Cape province [1]
    The evaluation of different embryo markers and their subsequent effect on embryo development, implantation and pregnancy outcome in an in-vitro fertilization program [1]
    Evaluation of gamete dysfunction as a cause of failed human in vitro fertilization [1]
    An evaluation of health care of prisoners at selected institutions : a nursing perspective [1]
    Evaluation of high-throughput methodology for multi-gene screening in patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) [1]
    An evaluation of knowledge and current trends of omega-3 (n-3) supplementation in parents of children at public primary schools in the City of Cape Town [1]
    Evaluation of left ventricular enlargement in the lateral position of the chest using the Hoffman and Rigler sign [1]
    Evaluation of malaria prevention strategies during pregnancy in Ndola, Zambia [1]
    Evaluation of multiple cytokine levels to improve our understanding of protective immune responses against Tuberculosis and to develop novel diagnostic methods [1]
    An evaluation of neonatal nursing care in selected hospitals in the Western Cape [1]
    Evaluation of serial beta-human chorionic gonadotrophin levels after primary treatment of molar pregnancies : can the follow-Up for surveillance of persistence or malignant transformation be shortened? [1]
    Evaluation of spermatozoa DNA tests for an assisted reproductive techniques (ART) program : correlation with semen parameters and ART outcome [1]
    Evaluation of the functional rehabilitation outcomes of clients after receiving physical rehabilitation at TC Newman community day centre [1]
    Evaluation of the implementation of the nutritional supplementation programmes for pregnant women within the Cape Town Metropolitan Area [1]
    An evaluation of the knowledge of the registered midwives managing hypertensive disorders at primary health care level in the Eastern Cape [1]
    Evaluation of the rehabilitation program for persons with complete paraplegia at Netcare rehabilitation hospital [1]
    Evaluation of two counseling strategies improving exclusive breastfeeding among HIV-negative mothers in Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya : a randomized controlled trial [1]
    'n Evaluering van die praktyk van die kliniese verpleegpraktisyn werksaam in primêre gesondheidsorginstansies van die Metropoolstreek van die Wes-Kaap : 'n verpleegkundige perspektief [1]