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    Clinical effects of epidural block during labour : a prospective study [1]
    Clinical features and outcome in children admitted to a TB hospital in the Western Cape : the influence of HIV infection and drug resistance [1]
    Clinical learning environment and supervision : student Nurses experiences within private health care settings in the Western Cape [1]
    Clinical occupational therapists' experience of their role as clinical educators during the fieldwork experience of occupational therapy students [1]
    Clinical presentation and outcome of tuberculosis in human immunodeficiency virus infected children on anti-retroviral therapy [1]
    Clinical trial remuneration : the patients' perspective [1]
    Clinical trials in South Africa : need for capacity building and training [1]
    Close Relative of Human Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus in Bat, South Africa [1]
    Co-trimoxazole prophylaxis in HIV : the evidence [1]
    Coenzyme Q10 for statin-induced myopathy : a systematic review [1]
    Cognitive and motor development in HIV infected children : a systematic review [1]
    Combination of radiosensitizers and hyperthermia in tumour radiotherapy [1]
    Combined measles, rubella and mumps vaccine [1]
    Communication in the diagnosis of childhood cancer [1]
    A comparative analysis of grade 1 and grade 2 water in the Tygerberg Hospital in vitro fertilisation programme [1]
    A comparative review of the outcomes of two different perinatal mortality classification systems at an Obstetric unit in Cape Town, South Africa [1]
    A comparative study of the determinants of bone strength and the propensity to falls in black and white South African women [1]
    Comparison between a newly developed PC-based Doppler umbilical artery waveform analyser and a commercial unit [1]
    A comparison of 4-week peptic ulcer healing rates following treatment with antacids and ranitidine [1]
    Comparison of clinical and immulogical responses to Zidovudine (AZT) and Tenofovir (TDF) – containing ARV regimens in patients taking HAART at Roma health service area of Lesotho [1]