Synthesis and crystallographic characterization of thiazoIe-2-dithiocarboxylate methyl ester complexes of chromium

Raubenheimer H.G. ; Marais E.K. ; Cronje S. ; Esterhuysen C. ; Kruger G.J. (2000)


Co-ordination of 4-methylthiazole-2-dithiocarboxylate methyl ester, I, or benzothiazole-2-dithiocarboxylate methyl ester, II, to [Cr(CO)5(THF)]. [W(CO)5(THF)] or [Fe(CO)4(THF)] afforded the new complexes [l\I(CO)4{S=C(SCH3)C=yC(CH3)=CHS}] (M = Cr 1 or W 2), [Çr(CO)4{S=C(SCH})C=ffC6H4à-o}] 3, [Fe(CO)3{S=C(SCH3)C=yC(CH3)=CHS}] 4 and [Fe(CO)a{S=C(SCH3)0=ISC6H4S-o}] 5. Single crystal X-ray structure determinations of 1 and 5 revealed co-ordination of the bidentate ligands through the exocyclic thione sulfur and endocyclic imine nitrogen atoms by five-membered chelate ring formation. Compound 5 has a unique trigonal bipyramidal configuration. © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2000.

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