Mono- and bi-dentate Group 6-coordinated and titanium-containing isocyanide ligands prepared from benzoxazole

An J. ; Van Niekerk L. ; Esterhuysen C. ; Raubenheimer H.G. (2002)


Reaction of lithiated benzoxazole with Group 6 carbonyl complexes and subsequently with Cp2TiCl2 affords bimetallic systems in which the titanium is O-bonded and the Group 6 metal isocyanide-coordinated. Depending on starting material and reaction conditions the cyclopentadienyl titanium complex may act as either a mono- or bi-dentate ligand. Crystal and molecular structures of [(CO)5Cr{CN(C6H4-o)O}Ti(Cl)Cp2] (1) and [(CO)4Cr-{CN(C6H4-o)O}2TiCp 2] (2), are reported. The heterometallacyclic ring in 2 contains 12 atoms.

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