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    A comparative study of law and practice of arbitration in Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, with particular reference to current problems in Kenya [1]
    Copyright : rebalancing the public and private interests in the areas of education and research [1]
    The external relations of company groups in South African law : a critical comparative analysis [1]
    Geslag en Regstellende Aksie in die Werkplek [1]
    Harmonising the Law of Sale in the Southern African Development Community (SADC): An Analysis of Selected Models [1]
    Intersections of law and cooperative global climate governance challenges in the anthropocene [1]
    Korporatiewe bestuur en die demografiese profiel van nie-uitvoerende maatskappydirekteure in Suid-Afrika [1]
    The legal regulation of corporate governance with reference to international trends [1]
    The legal regulation of the external company auditor in Post-Enron South Africa [1]
    The legal risks associated with trading in derivatives in a merchant bank [1]
    The meaning of public purpose and public interest in Section 25 of the Constitution [1]
    Open-source software and the rationale for copyright protection of computer programs [1]
    The Protection of Privacy in the Workplace: A Comparative Study [1]
    Public employment and the relationship between labour and administrative law [1]
    Een rechtsvergelijkende studie tussen het Nederlandse en Zuid-Afrikaanse ontslagrecht : met als deelonderwerp, retrenchment [1]
    The significance of postmodern theories of interpretation for contractual interpretation : a critical analysis [1]
    Substantive equality, affirmative action and the alleviation of poverty in South Africa : a socio-legal inquiry [1]
    The trade, development and cooperation agreement between the Republic of South Africa and the European Union : an analysis with special regard to the negotiating process, the contents of the agreement, the applicability of WTO law and the Port and Sherry Agreement [1]
    The transfer of undertakings with specific reference to the transfer of insolvent undertakings - an evolution of the South African law [1]
    Users' entitlements under the fair dealing exceptions to copyright [1]