Polymerization of higher linear α-olefins with (CH3)2Si(2-methylbenz[e]indenyl)2ZrCl2

Brull R. ; Pasch H. ; Raubenheimer H.G. ; Sanderson R. ; Wahner U.M. (2000)


Poly-α-olefins ranging from poly-1-pentene to poly-1-octadecene with narrow polydispersities were synthesized with (CH3)2Si(2-methylbenze[e]indenyl)2ZrCl2 and methylaluminoxane at polymerization temperatures (Tp's) ranging from -15 to 180°C and were characterized by gel permeation chromatography, NMR spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry. The molar masses of the homopolymers obtained with (CH3)2Si(2-methylbenz[e]indenyl)2ZrCl2 were notably higher than those of poly-α-olefins synthesized with other zirconium-based metallocenes under similar conditions. The temperature dependence of the molar mass distribution of the poly-α-olefins can be described by a common exponential decay function regardless of the investigated monomer. At Tp's ranging from 20 to 100°C, moderate isotacticity prevailed, but outside this temperature range, the polymers were less stereoregular.

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