Moyal implementation of flow equations - A non-perturbative approach to quantum many-body systems

Kriel J.N. ; Scholtz F.G. ; Thom J.D. (2007)


We show how Wegner's flow equations can be reformulated as ordinary differential equations through the use of the Moyal bracket. In finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces the introduction of the Moyal bracket leads naturally to the identification of a small expansion parameter, namely the inverse of the dimensionality of the space. This expansion corresponds to a non-perturbative treatment of the coupling constant. In the case of infinite-dimensional spaces plays the role of the small parameter and the Moyal formulation then allows for a semi-classical treatment of the flow equation. We demonstrate these statements for the Lipkin and Dicke models as well as for the symmetric x4 and double-well potentials. © 2007 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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