Thermodynamics of a non-commutative fermion gas

Scholtz F.G. ; Govaerts J. (2008)


Building on the recent solution for the spectrum of the non-commutative well [23] in two dimensions, the thermodynamics that follows from it is computed. In particular, the focus is put on an ideal fermion gas confined to such a well. At low densities the thermodynamics is the same as for the commutative gas. However, at high densities the thermodynamics deviates strongly from the commutative gas due to the implied excluded area resulting from the non-commutativity. In particular, there are extremal macroscopic states, characterized by area, number of particles and angular momentum, that correspond to a single microscopic state and thus have vanishing entropy. When the system size and excluded area are comparable, thermodynamic quantities, such as entropy, exhibit non-extensive features. © 2008 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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