Strings from position-dependent noncommutativity

Fring A. ; Gouba L. ; Scholtz F.G. (2010)


We introduce a new set of noncommutative spacetime commutation relations in two space dimensions. The space-space commutation relations are deformations of the standard flat noncommutative spacetime relations taken here to have position-dependent structure constants. Some of the new variables are non-Hermitian in the most natural choice. We construct their Hermitian counterparts by means of a Dyson map, which also serves to introduce a new metric operator. We propose PT-like symmetries, i.e. antilinear involutory maps, respected by these deformations. We compute minimal lengths and momenta arising in this space from generalized versions of Heisenberg's uncertainty relations and find that any object in this two-dimensional space is string like, i.e. having a fundamental length in one direction beyond which a resolution is impossible. Subsequently, we formulate and partly solve some simple models in these new variables, the free particle, its PT-symmetric deformations and the harmonic oscillator. © 2010 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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