Advances in the design of Jaumann absorbers

du Toit L.J. ; Cloete J.H. (1990)

Conference Paper

The authors consider electric screens with the material spacers assumed homogeneous, nonmagnetic, lossless, commensurate, and isotropic. Normal incidence is assumed. Such an N-layered structure may be modeled as a transmission line network. The unknowns are the N spacer characteristic impedances and the N sheet surface resistivities. All are normalized by the free-space impedance. The maximally flat solution of R. L. Fante and M. T. McCormack (1988) is extended to any number of layers, with proven solvability up to 20 layers. An equiripple solution, which, for a given number of layers and specified maximum reflection coefficient, exhibits a wider bandwidth than the corresponding maximally flat solution, is described. The sheet resistivity spread is also much narrower, thus increasing realizability.

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