Width of the 1.013 MeV level of 27Al

Hough J.H. ; Koen J.W. ; Celliers P.J. ; Mouton W.L. (1969)


The width of the 3 2+ 1.013 MeV level of 27Al was determined in two nuclear resonant scattering experiments. In the first, the source of radiation was a 4000 Ci 60Co source. Gamma rays of the desired energy were obtained by Compton scattering of the 1.33 and 1.17 MeV photons through a precalculated angle. This radiation was then scattered from an Al scatterer and the resonantly scattered quanta observed at an angle of 120° with respect to the incident beam. In the second experiment, Doppler-broadened γ-rays emitted from the 27Al(p, p′γ) reaction were used to excite the 3 2+ state. The weighted mean value of the level width was found to be Λ = 1.3±0.4 MeV. This value is compared with various excited-core model calculations. © 1969.

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