Lifetimes of the first six excited states of 35Cl

Van Reenen R.J. ; Naude W.J. ; Mouton W.L. (1972)


The mean lives of the six lowest levels of 35Cl were determined by measuring the Doppler-shift attenuation ofγ-rays observed in coincidence with inelastically scattered protons from the 35Cl(p, p'γ)35Cl reaction. The effect of experimental yield curve profiles throughout the finite target thickness was included in the stopping power calculations. From these measurements, mean lives of 215±75, 205±75, 185±50, 65±20, 18+26-15 and > 17000 fs were obtained for the 1.22, 1.76, 2.65, 2.69, 3.00 and 3.16 MeV levels of 35Cl, respectively. © 1972.

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