Shell-model calculations for neutron-rich nuclei in the 0f1p shell

Richter W.A. ; Van der Merwe M.G. ; Brown B.A. (1995)


A new two-body interaction recently derived for nuclei in the 0f1p shell by fitting two-body matrix elements to 494 energy levels in A = 41-66 nuclei, is used to investigate the neutron-rich nuclei in the vicinity of the doubly closed nuclide 48Ca. This study is of fundamental interest in providing a test for the new effective interaction away from the stability line. Masses and binding energies are calculated for a variety of neutron-rich nuclei and compared with experimental data, where available. In addition level schemes for 50-52Ca, 51-52Sc and 51-52Ti have been calculated and are compared with available experimental data. In general a good correspondence between theory and experiment is found, but some systematic discrepancies are apparent. © 1995.

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