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    The quality of life needs of Xhosa speaking learners with Down Syndrome : two case studies [1]
    The quality of life of three men with autism spectrum disorders living in a group home: a case study [1]
    Raising a child with autism : exploring family support structures [1]
    Reading strategy instruction in grades 4 to 6 : towards a framework for implementation [1]
    Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) as an instruction design perspective for introducing the relationship between the derivative and integral via distance education [1]
    Reconceptualising assessment practices in South African schools: making an argument for critical action [1]
    Reflecting on a doctoral supervision : from scepticism to friendship [1]
    Reflective practice as a mechanism for professional development : a narrative inquiry [1]
    Reflektiewe vakdeskundigheid in opvoedkundige sielkunde : konteks en uitdagings [1]
    The relationship between anthropometry and respiratory muscle function in land- and water-based athletes [1]
    The relationship between children's physical fitness and their development of locomotor co-ordination [1]
    The relationship between task complexity and cerebral oxygenation in stroke patients [1]
    The relationship between the bunkie-test and selected biomotor abilities in elite-level rugby players [1]
    The relationship between the use of language learning strategies and performance on a standardised English proficiency test [1]
    The relevance, importance and applicability of sustainable development in Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) education [1]
    Religieonderrig en -leer in die konteks van sosiaal konstruktiewe kurrikulumteorie [1]
    Research for the learning and teaching of mathematics: an emergent design [1]
    Rethinking the appropriateness of health education messages : problems, principles and guidelines [1]
    Revitalising an eco-justice ethic of Islam by way of environmental education : implications for Islamic education [1]
    Die rol en persoon van die fasiliteerder van 'n christelike tienergespreksgroep [1]