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    Can higher education policy frameworks engender quality higher education in Malawian universities? [1]
    Challenges and support needs of mature postgraduate part-time students at a higher education institution [1]
    Children with autism disorder receiving applied behaviour analysis therapy : parents’ experiences [1]
    Classroom behaviour of children living in contexts of adversity [1]
    Co-operative learning for learners with special educational needs [1]
    Coaching foundation phase literacy teachers as leaders in a school in the Western Cape Province : a professional development strategy [1]
    Communicative language teaching : a comparison of the Lesotho form E (English) and South African grade 12 FAL (English) curricula [1]
    Community counsellors' experiences of trauma and resilience in a low-income community [1]
    Community engagement at a higher education institution - exploring a theoretical grounding for scholarly-based service-related process [1]
    Comparing male and female 10km runners with regards to both performance and training [1]
    Comparision of aquatic- and land-based plyometric training on power, speed and agility in adolescent rugby union players [1]
    A comparison of coping strategies of ethnically diverse football players [1]
    A comparison of isiXhosa-speaking learners' responses to word problems given in English and isiXhosa [1]
    A comparison of policies and practices in assessment in a Further Education Institution [1]
    A conceptual analysis of teacher education in South Africa in relation to the norms and standards for educators [1]
    A conceptual framework for leadership development in the South African police service based on transformative learning theory [1]
    Conceptualisation and measurement of the empowerment of workers : an educational perspective [1]
    Consequences of staff deployment in public primary schools in Cape Town [1]
    Continuing professional development in nursing [1]
    Critical theory and school governance : advancing an argument for democratic citizenship [1]