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    An explorative study of the training needs of investigating officers interviewing young victims of sexual abuse [1]
    Exploring adolescents' views of the impact of computer-mediated communication (CMC) on their lives [1]
    Exploring assessment for learning in one higher education classroom [1]
    Exploring differentiated teaching in a Grade 4 classroom [1]
    Exploring education policy transformation in Namibia in terms of democratic change [1]
    Exploring equine assisted psychotherapy for adolescents in residential care [1]
    Exploring fatalism in adolescents [1]
    Exploring identity formation in adolescents who attended a school of skills [1]
    Exploring learners' experiences of violence in a township high school [1]
    Exploring meanings of teacher's experiences in an urban community where low income levels prevail [1]
    Exploring notions of assessment through three vocational education sites in the Western Cape [1]
    Exploring student teachers' active learning through self-assessment, peer assessment and reflection at Rundu Campus at the University of Namibia [1]
    Exploring the asset-based approach with a learner affected by disability and HIV and AIDS [1]
    Exploring the development of a mentorship programme for teachers through a reflexive democratic practice [1]
    Exploring the dropout phenomenon in a secondary school situated in a high-risk community [1]
    Exploring the ecosystemic variables in the implementation of a study and thinking skills programme [1]
    Exploring the experiences of the sibling of a child with an intellectual disability [1]
    Exploring the influence of pet assisted activities on aggressive behaviour amongs grade R learners [1]
    Exploring the number sense of final year primary pre-service teachers [1]
    Exploring the perspectives of bullying amongst Grade 5 girls [1]