Strong absorption model for elastic nuclear scattering and polarization of spin- 1 2 particles. Part II

Venter R.H. ; Frahn W.E. (1964)


A simplified version of the strong-absorption model for elastic nuclear scattering of spin- 1 2 particles is applied in an analysis of the 180-MeV proton data of the Uppsala group. Satisfactory simultaneous fits of the differential elastic scattering cross section σ(θ), the polarization P(θ) and the total reaction cross section στ for Li, Be, C, Al, Ca, Fe, In, and Au are obtained with a single set of the five parameters of the model. By slight changes of this "standard" set of parameters for individual nuclei, the data of σ(θ) and P(θ) can be represented with an accuracy which is in several respects superior to the best fit obtained from a seven-parameter complex potential model analysis. © 1964.

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