Macroscopic uterine involution in the post-partum Boer goat

Greyling J.P.C. ; van Niekerk C.H. (1991)


Sixteen Boer goat does were slaughtered at different intervals between parturition and 34 days post-partum and all the relevant macroscopic uterine measurements recorded. Involution of the post-partum uterus and macroscopic changes of different parameters are described and predicted in the Boer goat by Y=AeBt+Ct2. Considerable anatomical variation existed between individuals, but the objective was to monitor when the uterus had macroscopically involuted. Mass and volume of the uterus declined drastically after parturition. According to the model, the involution process was complete by 27.0 and 27.4 days for the uterus mass and volume, with rate of decrease 17.2 ± 2.7% and 20.8 ± 3.0%/day for the first 34 days post-partum, respectively. The external diameter of the cervix decreased in size from 7.5 cm following parturition to approximately 2.0 cm by day 4 post-partum. This decrease was theoretically complete 20.7 days post-partum. Similarly the external diameter of the body of the uterus was static 21.3 days post-partum with a rate of decrease of 12.4 ± 2.5%/day. Mean length and diameter of the uterine horns reached normal, non-pregnant size by 24 and 27.9 days post-partum, respectively. Diameter of the largest caruncles exhibited an initial fast decline (11.2 ± 1.7%/day for the entire observation period), tapering off towards the end of the period. Caruncles were "back to normal" by 26.3 days post-partum. The involution process of the uterus was macroscopically complete by approximately 28 days post-partum in the Boer goat. © 1991.

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