Preequilibrium proton emission induced by 80 and 120 MeV protons incident on Zr90

Cowley A.A. ; Van Kent A. ; Lawrie J.J. ; Fortsch S.V. ; Whittal D.M. ; Pilcher J.V. ; Smit F.D. ; Richter W.A. ; Lindsay R. ; Van Heerden I.J. ; Bonetti R. ; Hodgson P.E. (1991)


Continuum spectra for the inclusive reaction Zr90(p,p) have been measured for scattering angles between 24°and 145°at incident energies of 80 and 120 MeV. The spectra and angular distributions at various ejectile energies above 20 MeV are compared with published experimental data for Zr90(p,n) at the same incident energies. Results of statistical multistep direct emission calculations are in excellent agreement with the experimental angular distributions. The extracted strength of the effective nucleon-nucleon interaction is shown to be reasonable with respect to absolute magnitude and energy dependence. A phenomenological parametrization of the angular distributions also describes the experimental quantities well. © 1991 The American Physical Society.

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