Comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography applying two parallel columns in the second dimension

Francois I. ; de Villiers A. ; Tienpont B. ; David F. ; Sandra P. (2008)


The design of a new interface for comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography (LC × LC) is described. To the conventionally used LC × LC system with the loop-type interface consisting of a two-position/ten-port switching valve equipped with two loops, an extra two-position/ten-port switching valve, a detector, a pump and a second column placed in parallel with the column in the second dimension, are added. The features of the interface are that the separation space in the second dimension is significantly enlarged and that the number of fractions transferred from the first to the second dimension can be increased, reducing the risk to lose resolution of the primary dimension. The potential of the system in NPLC × 2RPLC is illustrated with the analysis of a standard mixture and a lemon oil extract. For the lemon oil analysis, the effective peak capacity was increased from 437 using a conventional interface to 1095 with the new interface. RPLC × 2RPLC in combination with reduced modulation times was applied to the analysis of steroids and to the detection of impurities at the 0.05% relative concentration level in a sulfonamide drug sample. © 2007.

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