Regional chromosome mapping of human collagen genes alpha 2(I) and alpha 1(I) (COLIA2 and COLIA1)

Retief E. ; Parker M.I. ; Retief A.E. (1985)


For the assignment of the genes for the pro-α2(I) (COLIA2) and the pro-α1(I) (COLIA1) collagens, cDNA and genomic DNA probes were used in in situ hybridization experiments on human prometaphase chromosomes. An improved staining method is reported for the simultaneous identification of chromosomes and the autoradiographic grains after the hybridization procedures. With this procedure more cells with higher resolution could be used for the assignment of genes by in situ hybridization. Statistical analysis of the grains located on respectively 660 and 302 metaphases using pro-α2(I) and proα1(I) DNA probes, confirmed the assignment of these genes to human chromosomes 7 and 17. Analysis of the grain distribution on prometaphase chromosomes showed that the location of the pro-α2(I) collagen gene is in the region 7q21.3-22.1. The location of the pro-α1(I) collagen gene was found to be in band 17q21.31-2205.

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