Poly(2-vinylimidazoline) composite reverse osmosis membranes

Hurndall M.J. ; Sanderson R.D. ; Jacobs E.P. ; Van Reenen A.J. (1993)


The preparation of poly(2-vinylimidazoline) (PVI) composite reverse osmosis membranes is described. The membranes were prepared from PVI interfacially crosslinked by the use of 1,3-benzenedicarbonyl chloride, 3-(chlorosulphonyl)benzoyl chloride (A) and 3,5-(dichlorosulphonyl)benzoyl chloride (B), the latter two crosslinking agents being synthesized for the purpose of the study. Initial screening of the reverse osmosis (RO) performance of the membranes are reported on as well as the more detailed testing in the presence of chlorine and at various pH values. Modifications to the PVI/A composite membranes by the addition of hydrophilic fillers is also described. © 1993.

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