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Preparing α,β-unsaturated Fischer-type carbene complexes via an unforeseen route

Stander E. ; Cronje S. ; Raubenheimer H.G. (2007)


Four 4-(NH-amino)-1-metalla-1,3-diene carbene complexes, two of which contain novel 4-membered heterometallacycles, formed regioselectively from the reaction of a mixture of [(CH3)2(CH3S)S] [BF4], the acetonitrilium electrophile, CH3CNCH 3+, and the deprotonated alkoxycarbene complexes, (CO)5MC(OCH3)CH2Li (M = Cr, W). The preferred Z-configurations of the alkoxy and amino groups are determined by strong H-bonding in the products. The metal-carbene bonds in the chelates are shorter by 0.08 Å than those in the acyclic compounds. © The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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