Reaction and subsequent transformation of anionic acetylide-carbene complexes using the Ph3PAu+ fragment

Stander E. ; Esterhuysen C. ; McKenzie J.M. ; Cronje S. ; Raubenheimer H.G. (2007)


The metallated Fischer-type carbene complexes (CO)5MC(NMe 2)CCLi (M = Cr, W) react with Ph3PAuNO3 to form the β-substituted products (CO)5MC(NMe2)CCAuPPh 3. In solution these products isomerise by formal metal fragment exchange to furnish Ph3PAuC(=NMe2)CCM(CO)5. A preliminary kinetic investigation by means of 1H-NMR spectroscopy indicates an unusual and complicated reaction mechanism. Model DFT calculations predict small energy differences between the products before and after the metal fragment exchange. This journal is © The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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