195Pt NMR isotopologue and isotopomer distributions of [PtCln(H2O)6 - N]4 - n (n = 6,5,4) species as a fingerprint for unambiguous assignment of isotopic stereoisomers

Gerber W.J. ; Murray P. ; Koch K.R. (2008)


A detailed analysis of the 35Cl/37Cl isotope shifts induced in the 128.8 MHz 195Pt NMR resonances of [PtCl n(H2O)6 - n]4 - n complexes (n = 6,5,4) in acidic solution at 293 K, shows that the unique isotopologue and isotopomer distribution displayed by the resolved 195Pt resonances, serve as a fingerprint for the unambiguous identification and assignment of the isotopic stereoisomers of [PtCl5(H2O)]- and cis/trans-[PtCl4(H2O)2]. © 2008 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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