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    Facilitating a learning organization : the case of a small consulting firm [1]
    Factors affecting housing delivery in South Africa : a case study of the Fisantekraal housing development project, Western Cape [1]
    Factors affecting implementation of enterprise applications integration (EAI) with special reference to corruption and fraud in DOD [1]
    Factors affecting quality of life in people with HIV/AIDS : a review [1]
    Factors affecting the implementation of an electronic document and records management system [1]
    Factors underlying women's decision not to report physical abuse : a qualitative exploration [1]
    The failure of the Middle East peace process and structures for conflict [1]
    Faktore wat veerkragtigheid in enkelouergesinne bevorder [1]
    Families’ experiences with schizophrenia [1]
    Family routines during the adjustment and adaptation process of the transition to parenthood [1]
    Fanakalo as a trade language in Kwazulu-Natal [1]
    The Faust legend and its musical manifestations : a historical overview [1]
    Fears in a selected group of middle childhood South Africa children : a cross cultural study [1]
    The feasibility and community perceptions of the Caprivi Development Project [1]
    The feasibility of implementing brief motivational interviewing in the context of tuberculosis treatment in South Africa [1]
    The feasibility of regional television (RTV) in South Africa : a study of the official process towards the issuing of licenses for RTV and subsequent developments [1]
    The feasibility of transformational leadership training and development in South Africa [1]
    The features and use of mentoring as an activity in supervision of newly qualified social workers [1]
    Fehleranalyse : Untersuchungen an afrikaanssprachigen Studienanfängern im Fach Deutsch [1]
    Female adolescent sexuality in a coloured community [1]