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    (E-) Learning by doing : Integrierter und handlungsorientierter Einsatz neuer Medien am Beispiel Goethe-Zentrum Kapstadt [1]
    E-commerce in South Africa : an overview [1]
    e-Parliament to e-democracy : creating a model for effective management of public content [1]
    The ear that you are able to hear me with : theorising art practice through auto/ethnography [1]
    East Africa’s growing power : challenging Egypt’s hydropolitical position on the Nile [1]
    Die eb en vloei van binding en skeiding [1]
    Ecocriticism and the oil encounter : readings from the Niger Delta [1]
    Ecolabelling, certification and accreditation : elements of a possible model for the ecotourism industry in southern and eastern Africa [1]
    An ecological perspective of adolescents' need for support during pregnancy [1]
    Ecological sustainability in a developing country such as South Africa? A philosophical and ethical inquiry. [1]
    Economic literacy and the war on poverty : a social work challenge [1]
    Economic, social and political/institutional assessment of spatial development initiatives (in South Africa) [1]
    The education management information system of the Free State Department of Education : a systems analysis [1]
    The effect of mergers and acquisitions : focus on employee job satisfaction of former employees of Smartcom in Vodacom SA [1]
    The effect of mergers on knowledge loss in an IT Company : a case study [1]
    Effective language use in academic study material for L2 speakers of English at a distance learning institution [1]
    The effectiveness of cognitive-behaviour therapy in improving psychological adjustment to spinal cord injury : a review of the literature [1]
    The effectiveness of problem solving therapy in deprived South African communities : results from a pilot study [1]
    Effectiveness of user-curated filtering as coping strategy for information overload on microblogging services [1]
    An effectiveness study of an integrated, community-based package for maternal, newborn, child and HIV care in South Africa : study protocol for a randomized controlled trial [1]