• Energy, entropy, sunny skies and South Africa 

      Harms, Thomas M. (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch, 2006-08)
      Inaugural address delivered by Prof Thomas Harms on 15 August 2006.
    • Exploring South Africa’s southern frontier : a 20-year vision for polar research through the South African National Antarctic Programme 

      Ansorge, Isabelle J.; Skelton, Paul; Bekker, Annie; de Bruyn, P.J. Nico; Butterworth, Doug; Cilliers, Pierre; Cooper, John; Cowan, Don A.; Dorrington, Rosemary; Fawcett, Sarah; Fietz, Susanne; Findlay, Ken P.; Froneman, William P.; Grantham, Geoff H.; Greve, Michelle; Hedding, David; Hofmeyr, Greg G. J.; Kosch, Michael; Le Roux, Peter C.; Lucas, Mike; MacHutchon, Keith; Meiklejohn, Ian; Nel, Werner; Pistorius, Pierre; Ryan, Peter G.; Stander, Johan; Swart, Sebastiaan; Treasure, Anne; Vichi, Marcello; Van Vuuren, Bettine J. (Academy of Science of South Africa, 2017)
      No abstract available